Your front door is the first thing people see upon visiting your home; making sure this door makes your visitors feel welcomed and your home feel inviting is something we care about. Let Safeshield Construction help you find the door that best suits your needs. When helping you select your door, we help you take into consideration material, security, and energy efficiency.

We currently offer the following types of doors:


Choosing a fiberglass door can save you money as these doors are usually half the cost of a regular wood door. Fiberglass doors have a wood look finish to them and provide your home with better insulation and durability.


With so many options available choosing the right wood door can become overwhelming from choosing the type of wood species, styles and stains wood doors can be customized to your precise finish desire. With a solid core and using a multi-point locking system it is a great investment for a front door, making your front door the center of attention.

Safeshield Construction will provide you with a door that will last for years to come by taking into consideration the following:

Efficiency, Durability, Security, and Style

Safeshield Construction can help you choose from Front Doors, Patio Doors, and French Doors. Choosing the right door for your home will not only give your home a better look but will also help the increase of your property value while giving your home a unique look. Safeshield Construction can help choose the materials that best suit your home’s needs.

Some of the doors we provide for our customers

Patio Doors

Are one of the most popular features of a home as they provide convenient access entering and exiting the home while allowing for unobstructed views that flood your home’s interior with natural light. Confined living spaces are something that Bay Area residents are all too familiar with; adding a patio door can enlarge small living spaces and help rooms that once appeared dark and small suddenly appear roomy, bright and airy. Safeshield Construction can help you choose a patio door that can maximize the energy efficiency of your home and help you upgrade from a standard locking system to a multi-point locking system to better help protect your home. As with windows, materials such as wood, vinyl, and fiberglass are just some options you have when choosing your patio door.

French Doors

Can become the focal point feature of any room by providing a certain touch of elegance and character. They’re an appealing alternative to conventional sliding patio doors, Whether you would like a door swinging inward or outward, a traditional or contemporary style, we have a French door that will suit your wants and needs. In comparison with sliding doors, French doors tend to have smaller panels, however by installing a sidelight alongside a French door the amount of light let in increases brightening up a previously gloomy-looking room.

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