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Did you know that replacement windows could reduce your energy bills by increasing energy efficiency? Safeshield Construction offers a wide variety of energy-efficient windows and can provide you with the window that best suits your home’s needs.

Safeshield Construction ensures our customers take the following factors into consideration:

Energy Efficiency

Replacing windows with energy efficient ones means better insulation all throughout your home, which in turn lowers your energy bills and saves you money.


We ensure that the suppliers we purchase from are providing us with windows that are able to endure the harshest of conditions and will last for years to come. When it comes to windows, we choose manufacturers whose vinyl has been weather tested and will not yellow overtime.


Maintenance is a concern all of our customers share and one that should be considered, when purchasing windows. Before any final decision or financial obligation is made, we make sure our customers are made aware of the type of mainentance they’ll be facing once their windows have been installed.

Some of the windows we provide for our customers

With so many window manufacturers out there on the market, we want to ensure our clients are purchasing high-quality materials to ensure that the customers are maximizing  their return on investment (ROI).

New Construction Windows

Your new construction window project allows you to start with an empty canvas, in doing so several decisions must be made before homeowners see the end result. Prior to installing your windows, we take into consideration the type of exterior finish your home will have, the direction in which your windows are facing, and in which location the sun is hitting your home. Safeshield Construction carefully selects their products so that our customer can be confident in knowing that no matter what products they end up selecting, high quality products are being used.

Replacement Window

Looking to update your outdated windows? Window replacement is a great option for our customers; if at the time of your measure, we determine that your existing window frame is still in good condition. Safeshield Construction will provide you with windows that fit right into your existing opening. We offer a complete line of wood, aluminum-clad, fiberglass and fiberglass-clad, and vinyl windows. Whether it’s a unique shape, a grille pattern, or a specific color you’re looking for, your new windows and doors are sure to make a statement all while putting money back in your pocket with our energy efficiency line of products.


If you are looking for affordable and high return on investment then replacing your old windows with energy efficient ones are the way to go. Not only are you updating your home with energy efficient windows, but you won’t have to tear into existing walls and trim, these windows are perfect for projects that have unique or historic window finish. Safeshield Construction can also help you choose windows that are approved for historical homes.

The Best In Energy Efficiency

Choosing windows has never been easier with Safeshield, our company has vetted window manufacturers to provide you with the best energy efficient window products in the market. Safeshield is proud to have partner with companies Like Monte Verde, Flyleaf, and Andersen Windows.

Measuring the Energy Efficiency of Windows and Doors

The energy performance ratings of windows and doors measure their potential for gaining and losing heat. The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) tests, certifies, and labels windows and doors based on their energy performance ratings. The NFRC label provides a reliable way to determine a window’s energy properties and to compare products. The NFRC label can be found on all ENERGY STAR® qualified window and door products.

U-factor is the rate at which a window or door conducts non-solar heat flow. NFRC U-factor ratings represent the entire window performance, including frame and spacer material. The lower the U-factor, the more energy-efficient the window or door.

Another measurement, solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) is the fraction of solar radiation admitted through a window or door and subsequently released as heat inside a home. The lower the SHGC, the less solar heat it transmits and the greater its shading ability. A product with a high SHGC rating is more effective at collecting solar heat during the winter. A product with a low SHGC rating is more effective at reducing cooling loads during the summer by blocking heat gain from the sun. Your home’s climate, orientation, and external shading will determine the optimal SHGC for a particular window or door.

Types of Energy Efficient Windows

Windows come in a number of different frame and glazing types. By combining an energy-efficient frame choice with a glazing type tailored to your climate and application, you can customize each of your home’s windows. Frames can be constructed from many materials, including wood, composite, vinyl, fiberglass or metal. Window glazing or glass can be tinted, multi-paned, insulated or coated.

Windows and doors can gain and lose heat through direct conduction through the glass or glazing, frame, and/or door. They can also gain or lose heat from air leakage through and around windows and doors. Sealing or preventing leaks in the first place is one of the best ways to minimize energy costs.


Vinyl windows & Doors are the most popular energy efficient window in the market, not only are they the most cost effective but provide great energy efficiency benefits. Replacing your windows will provide great insulating qualities to your home, reducing your home energy bills, while also providing low maintenance unlike wood replacement windows.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Low Maintenance
  • Security & Safety
  • Custom Designs

Learn More About Our Vinyl Choice Monte Verde Windows


Composite Windows & Doors provide the best insulating material choice for your home, It is an excellent option for keeping your energy expenses low in the long term. Flyleaf windows have been tested to withstand the most grating weather conditions while maintaining all of it energy efficiency qualities providing peace of mind. Because of the windows solid core and the windows exterior UltraCap® the window will not warp, create mold or discolor overtime making this window the best investment option.

  • Highest Thermal-Performance (78% Better Than Fiberglass)
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Durability
  • Low Maintenance
  • Custom Design
  • Security & Safety

Learn More About Our Choice Flyleaf Windows

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